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Dear Homeschoolers and Homeschool Supporters,

Tough Times Don’t Last  -
Tough People Do!

  • Thank you for sending the AHEA Questionnaire to your candidates! At least one candidate from 24 of the 53 races has responded!

  • We need more families and supporters to help!! Please commit to doing one thing to help each day.

  • Please talk to one Alaskan relative, business partner, friend, or instruction provider each day before the election.
    Let them know we need their support.

    • Refer them to the website and ask them to read the responses to the questionnaire
    • check the candidate contact list and follow through with a call or an email to thank the candidate, find out more about their reservations or send them a questionnaire
    • and vote on election day!

  • Representative. Mark Neuman's email address was not on any of the previous emails. He wants to continue working for fair homeschool regulations and correct interpretations of statute; so, please note his email akneuman15@hotmail.com. To help candidates, please contact Lee Ann or Kristin Hamerski (alaskaplantlady@alaska.net or kristinh@alaska.net).

  • All of the candidate's emails or phone numbers are now listed on the Alaska Home Educators Alliance website. www.AHEAnow.org Check under Homeschooling & the Campaigns, then Contacting Candidates.

    Thank you for taking time from your busy day to do one thing that will lend better options to all homeschoolers in Alaska.

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Tough Questions

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Click here to access the November 1, 2006 Tough Questions and their Answers

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