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We asked our candidates
the tough questions

Please read this short note & take 3 minutes to see where they stand!

In the last week (or so) of the campaign, we hope you will join us in keeping the issue of homeschool freedoms on the front burner. See questionnaire sent to candidates.

If your candidates have not responded:

  • Please make copies of the survey and have it ready to give to volunteers knocking at your door or when you attend candidate forums/fund raisers, offices.
  • Have the link to our website ready for any phone surveys you may receive via the phone or email: www.AHEAnow.org
  • Send candidates an email linking to the survey and request that they answer it via email. We are posting results every day. If they answer you directly, please forward it to AHEA@AHEAnow.org.

If a candidate gets this questionnaire from a dozen constituents, it will show that homeschooling is a hot button issue. Even if you know that the candidate is against us, you can have a great impact on the next incumbent's policies. Sending the survey to them shows that homeschoolers are politically active, and it doesn't even have to cost you any money!

A BIG Thank YOU to the families who found our survey responses regarding the candidates stand on homeschooling to be helpful and responded to us.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the questions. Join us in showing the candidates that there are a lot of voters who care about homeschooling. The election season is the one time that all the politicians are eager to listen to us, so let's take advantage of it!

The AHEA Board


Click here to access the October 29, 2006 Voter Information Update

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