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Dear Homeschoolers and Supporters of Homeschoolers,

This is one of the best opportunities that homeschoolers have ever had! Please do not tarry!

This is it! This is the key time to give your input! Governor Palin is asking for YOUR input. Her Transition Team will be setting priorities and looking at how to implement policy, as well as giving input on appointments for Commissioner of Education and the State Board of Education.

Don’t delay! Please help to register the voice of committed homeschoolers. The Transition Team is most assuredly hearing from those who do not support homeschool programs.

To give your input, go to http://gov.state.ak.us/transition_ideas.php and scroll to Education and Early Development.

All input must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, December 15th, as the Transition Teams will hold their final meeting on Saturday, the 16th and then report to the Governor.

A paragraph sharing your support of the Governor's Education Policy or stating, "I voted for Governor Palin because she supported (your issues)", will help to assure that the transition team advocates for your homeschooling issues in policy and recommendations on appointments to the Commissioner’s office as well as the State Board of Education.

In the AHEA July Survey (click for survey response), Govenor Palin indicated she supports:

  • "A 'hands off' approach to independent home schooling."
  • "The removal of regulations which cause inequality among Alaska students."
  • "The correction of disparate treatment of home school families according to enrollment in a statewide or an in-district program."

See Governor Palin's Education Policy. (Click here. Scroll to page 4 or 5). She supports:

  • Home School. "I support and respect the rights of independent homeschoolers and those who partner with local and state-wide school districts. There must be equity in treatment of all homeschoolers in all programs across the state. The use of privately-purchased, faith-based materials should not be a reason for withholding funding."
  • Charter Schools. "Charter Schools, since 1996, have become innovative and parent directed options, and I encourage charter schools that make good use of our public funds."

Issues to discuss:

· Interpretations made by the Dept. of Education & the Attorney General after the 2004 regulations regarding funding of students who choose to use privately purchased, faith-based curricula that aligns with state standards.

· Reversal of punitive 2004 regulations regarding art, music and PE, as well as family passes and your ability to have assessments funded.

· The need for fair-minded, homeschool friendly administrators in the Dept. of Education and Early Development, as well as on the Alaska State Board of Education.

Please take the time to address these issues in a positive and appreciative fashion. Don't forget to get a friend to check your spelling and grammar!

The Governor will use YOUR input to set priorities within the Department of Education. The time you take today, Thursday, December 14 and Friday, December 15, will affect your families’ homeschooling in Alaska for the next 4 years. We believe your time is worth that! Thank YOU for your anticipated involvement!

Please feel free to email us and share your responses!


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